Introduction To NetEnt Casinos

NetEnt is a reputable casino studio known to develop high-quality casino solutions to different markets. NetEnt Casinos are taking the Canadian market by storm. As you can see from , NetEnt is bringing all sorts of entertainment to Canadian Players. If you are new to the game, it is always good to start with free games available here in Top NetEnt Casinos.EU. All the casinos available have different bonuses such as a welcome bonus to enable you to play fewer risk games.

For the UK players, you can experience all versions of Net Entertainment casinos at . You can also get different jackpots depending on the type of casino you play. The most popular game is blackjack when you can sign up Heavenbeautycalamvale site and deposit some money then start your spin right away. Depending on your competency, you are guaranteed to win something when you play NetEnt slots. What makes those casinos popular availability of a good RTP (97% on average) and low to medium volatility.

Need to Contact NetEnt

For players to enjoy the experience of a Casino, they must be assured that there is reliable customer support. Excellent customer support is essential in improving the experience of customers. They might have different concerns, issues and inquiries. Having professional customer support improves the satisfactory level of players. The support team should be helpful, friendly and faster in solving customer issues. In NetEnt, we have different ways you can contact us. We have a "contact page" where you can find a convenient way to reach us out.

The contact page has different partitions depending on your area of interest. There various customer care departments are available such as Sales, Press, Investor, Work, Info, and Affiliate. All of them have there is a phone number that is identical in all departments (+46 8 578 54 500) and email address (different depending on department) you can use to reach them out. After reaching them out via phone number, I was lucky to get a representative from work department who was willing to answer my questions.

NetEnt Contact Verdict and Conclusion

As you have seen, NetEnt site gives their customer only two ways to reach them out. They are using traditional email support system where you have to copy their email and paste it to your account. Email might be good for convenient since you can send and check the reply when you have time. However, it is hard to get instant feedback in case you wanted your case to be solved with an emergency. It happens when there are a lot of emails being received concurrently.

As we wind up, you can see that NetEnt has not lived to the expectation of customers when it comes to ways to contact them. Lack of live chat makes it hard for a customer to be convinced that they will get an instant response. Having a phone number is subjected to tariff and people will shy away from it. It would be okay if they have a toll free number. Their site also lacks FAQ section. A good FAQ document can help customers solve part of their technicalities.